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Grass pollen discharging granules on exposure to water - picture by Dr H Morrow Brown

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Sadly, Dr Harry Morrow Brown passed away on 22nd August 2013, but his work will be preserved here.

An archive of his published professional papers is planned, and will be announced as it happens.

Dr H Morrow BrownThis website provides much in-depth, helpful information for the many millions of allergy sufferers in Great Britain, where allergy specialists are very difficult to find. Because Allergic diseases can affect any part of the body, and involve several medical specialities, it is suggested that the Broad Introduction should be read before referring to the section of the website which seems most relevant to your personal allergy or intolerance problems.

For many years I described my approach to the allergy problem as “A Holistic Concept of Allergic Disease” but I have been reluctantly persuaded that the term ‘holistic’ had been so thoroughly hijacked by complementary practitioners that I would be misunderstood if I used it. That is unfortunate, because it is true that allergy problems can have such widespread effects that 'holistic' seems an apt description, but “Global” seems a reasonable alternative. It is only fair to say that many alternative practitioners regard the patient as a whole person, which may not always be true in today’s over-specialised medicine.

The development of the Internet enables me to preserve over half a century of research and clinical experience for the benefit of allergy victims, and make it accessible to colleagues with a major interest in the allergy epidemic.

Pills are NOT always the answer!

Pills are NOT always the answer!

Please use the search boxes, and menus, to thoroughly explore the website.

Good luck with your search for help for your allergy.

Dr H Morrow Brown


"It is a paradox that while Britain has the highest incidence of allergic disease in the world, it also has the most inadequate allergy service"

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